english No.2

■ Special Issue ■ Rural and Urban Communities in Japan

Preface to Special articles: Rural and Urban Communities in Japan

ISHIMORI Masanori 67

Social Relationships in Urban and Local Communities TAKEMURA Kosuke 69

An Encouragement of Longitudinal Study in Local Community Time Series Analysis

Based on Micro-Macro Relations KATO Junzo 78

The Way and Communities OKAMOTO Takuya 87

■ Original Articles ■

Factors Determining the Recognized Effectiveness of the List of People Requiring

Disaster Evacuation Assistance among Families Cohabiting with a Person Possessing a

Disability Certificate: Families Who Did not Recognize that the List

TAKAO Kenji, MIZUKO Manabu, and SASAKI Arata 100

Qualitative Research on the Shift in Significance and Meaning of the Relationship with

Disaster Relief Volunteers, from the Perspective of Temporary Housing Resident Disaster

Survivors: The Case from Long-term Psychosocial Support in Disaster Relief Following

the Great East Japan Earthquake KOBAYASHI Shingo and NIWA Ikuo 111

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