March, 1998JSCP
Japanese Society of Community Psychology (JSCP) is a Japan-based organization formed by researchers and practitioners who identify themselves with the field of community psychology. Members of the organization are specialized in community psychology and related fields including psychology, sociology, social work, community mental health, public health, nursing, and education.
 The field of community psychology has been progressed solidly over the past 20 years in Japan. Among all, the community psychology symposium has been held annually, and participants have engaged in an active and constructive debate based on the policies that encourage these styles of communications. With the leadership of organizers and participants of the symposia, moreover, the first issue of the Japanese Journal of Community Psychology (JJCP) was published last year. Members of the journal’s publishing committees have suggested the reorganization of the symposium and development of the academic society, and reflecting these suggestions we hereby propose the establishment of the Japanese Society of Community Psychology.
 We are planning to engage in the ongoing publication of the JJCP, organization of annual conferences and publication of the newsletter for the purpose of knowledge exchange and networking among the members of the society, which consolidate the bases of community psychology as an academic discipline in Japan. We strongly believe the role and expectation of our membership for the further progress of community psychology — the field launched in the United States in 1965, and its development in milieu of Japanese society and communities.
 Based on the society’s mission that “community psychology as the field that intends to solve a set of problems in the communities from psychological perspectives by integrating community-based practice and research,” we continue to engage in education and development of the field.
 We welcome those who understand and agree with our purpose here and hope to gain membership from a wide variety of academic fields.