english No.2

■ Special Issue: Program Evaluation from Community Psychology Perspectives ■
113 YASUDA Tomoyuki
Introduction to the Special Issue

115 YASUDA Tomoyuki
Capacity Building for Developing and Evaluating Programs – 5-Step Approach

128 Watanabe Kayoko
Mentoring program and program evaluation: Achievement of youth support mentor system in Hiroshima city

■ Original Article ■
136 SASAKI Daiki
Practices and issues of child psychologist in child guidance center: A literature review

153 TANAKA Utako
The experience and the self-awareness of ethnic identity: The case of the third and forth generation Japanese- Brazilian youth in Japan

■ The Japanese Society of Community Psychology 20th Anniversary Conference ■
171 HISATA Mitsuru
Report of the Japanese Society of Community Psychology 20th anniversary conference