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■ The Japanese Society of Community Phychology 19th Conference ■
1 MAKI Hiroo
 Community Support and Matrix —The Japanese Society of Community Psychology 19th Conference—

9 OGURI Takahiro
 The Japanese Society of Community Psychology Nurturing the Next Generation

17 KUBOTA Yuki
 School Based Crisis Prevention and Intervention―Several Approach to Empower School Community―

24 HAYASHI Hirokatsu
 “To Children at the Time of Disaster”

27 ONUKI Wakana
 Children’s Crisis as Seen from School Social Workers

33 MAKI Hiroo
 School Counselor Practice in T Prefecture Distanced More Than 1,000 Km from Disaster Area

37 KOZUKA Takahiro and KUMAKURA Shino
 Utilization of Resources for Psychosocial Support: Focusing on the Practice in Earthquake Disaster

41 OZAWA Miyoko
 Activities of the Volunteer Team “Sakura Support” in the Great East Japan Earthquake: About Support Including Community

■ Original Article ■
46 ONITSUKA Shiori
 The Study of The Clinical Psychology Support in Community-Based Child Rearing Support Centers:The Starting and Developing of The Group Activity

61 ISHIMORI Masanori and OKAMOTO Takuya
 Effects of Volunteering by Local Government Workers on Willingness to Volunteer and Coproduction with Citizens

■ Review Article ■
80 TOGO Etsuko, KAWATA Yujiro, IUME Yumiko and OHASHI Megumi
 Sport Parenting of Elementary School Children Playing Community Sports

■ Book Review ■
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