english No.2

■ Special Issue: Educational Practice of Community Psychology ■
 How should we teach Community Psychology?: Foreword for a special issue featuring the teaching method

129 HISATA Mitsuru
 The history of community psychology: Focusing on mental health model

143 NIWA Ikuo

154 HAGIWARA Takehito
 Crisis Intervention

164 YASUDA Midori
 Practice of prevention training in community psychology

174 YASUDA Tomoyuki
 Training and Development in Community Psychology Research

■ Original Article ■
184 TOGO Etsuko, IUME Yumiko, OHASHI Megumi.M
 Recollecting past painful experiences and interpersonal relationships during the period of bringing up children: Focusing on the object relations

198 YAJIMA Hirohito
 Influence of psychological support from school consultants on teachers’ sense of consultation effectiveness.

211 SAITO Ayumi, AOKI Kikuyo
 School resources as utilized by early career elementary school counselors: With a focus on school size

226 OHASHI Megumi M., IUME Yumiko, TOGO Etsuko, KAWATA Yujiro
 The Content Analysis of the Survey on Positive and Negative Experiences of Community Sports Club Coaches.

■ Book Review ■
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