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●Vol.16 No.2 June 2013●
■Special Issues:The 14th Annual Conference of Japanese Society of Community Psychology■

99 HISATA Mitsuru:
101 NAGASE Osamu
SPECIAL LECTURE : The view of disability studies
111 HISATA Mitsuru, NAGASE Osamu, HIRATA Toshiaki, SOEJIMA Masakazu, KAGAMI Tomiyo
SYMPOSIUM Actualizing the society where we can enjoy the diversity
Committee on International Relations Global trend of community psychology and the strategies of internationalization
153 HISATA Mitsuru, MIGUCHI Masahiro, YAMAMOTO Kota
WORKSHOP: How to make JSCP more exciting: Based on the data of the online survey of the member’s needs

■ Original Article ■

164 OHASHI Tomo,NOGUCHI Kazuya,OISHI Kouji:
Standardization of the Consultation Satisfaction Scale for nursery school
178 ABE Yuko:
Japanese year abroad students’ community involvement: An attempt of qualitative analysis based on interview method

■ Book Review ■
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