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●Vol.17 No.1 October 2013●
■Special Issues:The 15th Annual Conference of Japanese Society of Community Psychology■

Community support in the Bethel method

■ Brief Reports ■

15 NAKAGAWA Hiroko
Sense of community and generativity of women who participated in the women’s movements in Japan: Learning from narratives of women as “ordinary people”
31 TAKAHASHI Nao, TANI Mitukiyo
Determinants and the roles of various media of promoting conservation and sustainable use of socio-ecological production landscapes (Satochi-Satoyama): A case study of Ikimonono-Sato(Chimura)
46 FUKUSHIMA Satomi, UKAI Yoshiaki
Effects of Policy in Clinical Psychology classes on the attitudes of female university students toward the local community

■ Brief Reports ■

63 HUANG Meilan
Causal attribution of perceived discrimination and indirect contacts at part-time work environment: Comparison of Chinese students at Japanese language schools and foreign students
67 KOMATSU Midori
How do the activities of international exchange group “Transcultural Exchange Association” affect the cross-cultural friendship development?
72 SENOO Machiko
Importance and challenge of the international exchange camp: The examination by using program estimation
77 TANAKA Utako
Recognition to parents and parental behavior of third- and fourth-generation Japanese Brazilian youth staying in Japan
82 FUJIKI Minako
Efficacy of the group intervention program for single mothers at facilities for mothers and children

■ Book Review ■
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