english No.2

●Vol.15 No.2 March 2012●

■Special Issues■

53 TAKABATAKE Katsuko:“What have we done till now?” and “What should we do from now on?”
55 MURAMOTO Kuniko: Launching a project of empowering families in East Japan
66 TAMARU Yusuke: Support in case of the Great East Japan Earthquake to companion animal and owners
74 HAGIWARA Takehito, OKAMOTO Ami, FUJII Yoshitaka, HISATA Mitsuru: Psychological support to the children suffering from Great East Japan Earthquake: “Delivery of playing” activities to the children in shelter

■ Original Article ■

85 IKEDA Tadayoshi, HORI Masashi, SATO Shizuka, SAITO Mikiko: Student counseling services on campus community after the Great East Japan Earthquake: Early support activities for 2 months after the earthquake based on the “Yui” project

■ Brief Reports ■

99 NAKAGAWA Hiroko: Life career anchors of women in midlife: Interviews with women who have changed their life careers

■ Case Reports ■

117 NOGUCHI Kazuya, OHASHI Tomo, OISHI Kouji: Behavior consultation of “flexible teaching” for children with developmental disabilities in a private kindergarten
136 OKA Mayumi: The study of characteristics of mutual aid-organization in former Kaifu Town of Tokushima Prefecture, an area with low suicide rate : A comparison between the “Hobai-gumi” in former Kaifu Town and similar organization in other area
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