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●Vol.14 No.2 March 2012●

■ Lecture ■

105 Abraham Wandersman :Reach the outcome

■ Original Article ■

115 TOMITA Kiyoko, AOKI Kikuyo, OTA Saori:Study on an Early Childhood Development program in a developing country: Evaluation of the program from teacher’s viewpoint of children’s social-emotional adjustment in the school
132 ASAHI Kae, AOKI Kikuyo, TSUBOI Naoko:Investigation of the environmental support resources for children by Photo Projective Method: Focusing on the friendship
151 MARUYAMA Hiroto:The understanding of hyperactive students in the classroom on the basis of ecological viewpoint: How do hyperactive students adjusted to their class by interacting with teachers and other students?
166 NISHINO Aki:Re-construction process of social adaptation in the cross-gender transition of people admit he has Gender Identity Disorder: From the semi-structured interview with Female to Male

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