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●Vol.16 No.1 September 2012●
■Special Issues:The 14th Annual Conference of Japanese Society of Community Psychology■

1 KAGAMI Tomiyo:
3 MORIYA Tomomi
Creating a supportive community for first-year international students at a Japanese university: A perspective from the Japanese language department
17 SONODA Tomoko
Support for international students and resources in an isolated campus: Dispersion of network and steps to support
25 OHNISHI Akiko
On-campus support services for international students: Case of the University with a large number of international students

■ Brief Reports ■

39 IIDA Toshiharu, ITO Takehiko, INOUE Takayo
Reliability and validity of the HIV self image scale: The development of a scale that aids the designing of community based prevention and intervention program of HIV/AIDS
55 TAKAO Kenji, MAEDA Mako
Residents’ Bewilderment in Cemeteries Construction and the Needs about Taking Measures for Keeping Residential Environment of the Local Community: Differences in Terms of Demographic Factors

■ Case Reports ■

65 IBARAKI Makiko, MORITA Eiji
The intervention of collaboration program for disruption crisis of the primers class of primary school: Concerning the mechanics of collaboration together with teacher

■ Academic Essay ■

79 NAKANE Yukako
Reflections on the 13th Biennial Conference on The Society for Community Research & Action(SCRA)

■ Book Review ■
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