english No.1

●Vol.15 No.1 March 2012●


1 KITAJIMA Shigeki: On this issue of a special number

■Special Issues■

3 MURAMOTO Kuniko, TAKEDA Nobuko, ITO Ayako:Planning intent
4 HOSHINO Akira:I and community psychology
8 UEMURA Katsuhiko:Community psychology and I
12 KITAJIMA Shigeki The future development of community psychology in Japan
17 KAGAMI Tomiyo:Community psychology and I
23 SHIOTANI Toru:My private short history with community psychology
29 TAKAHATA Takashi:As for my activity by community psycholgy: A mental disabilities person sport and patient meeting support are offered
36 NIWA Ikuo:Community psychology and I: Community psychology as my social support network
39 MURAMOTO Kuniko:Community psychology and I
43 TAKEDA Nobuko:Exploring community psychology in search for an approach that provides significant changes to practical fields
48 ITO Ayako:Community psychology and short history of my research
52 TAKEDA Nobuko:Editor’s note