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●Vol.13 No.2 March 2010●


95 Douglas C. Smith Positive psychology:What makes life worth living ?

■Original Article■

104 TAKAOKA Kota The conflicts occur between parents and the child protective services under the condition of intervention against child abuse and neglect: From the perspectives of child social workers and child psychologists in the framework of conflictive relation
121 OHATA Midori, HISATA Mitsuru Development of a new scale of attitudes toward seeking professional psychological help: Some evidence of reliability and varidity
133 SUEKI Hajime Qualitative research on problems of suicide bulletin board systems: Investigation for users in e-mails

■ Case Reports ■

152 NONAMI Hiroshi, KATO Junzo Two types of legitimacy on approvability for managers of common good :A case study on a social governance system for the red-clay runoff problem in Okinawa islands
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