english No.2

●Vol.12 No.2 March 2009●

■Special Article■

95 TAJIMA Seiichi:Toward overcoming violence in the child welfare facilities:Introduction of the method for generating system of everday practice based on “the committee for protecting children from violence

■Lecture ■

109 IGUCHI Hiroshi:Ethical issues in community psychological practice and research:Focusing on harassment problems in research

■ Original Article ■

117 Support group intervention for survivors of suicide:An analysis of the changes in trend of participation and participant’s orientation to the group
129 OHATA Midori, SAWAZAKI Mafumi, HISATA Mitsuru:Effects of gender, self-esteem and some other factors on attitudes toward seeking counseling among Japanese university students
141 QIU Yan:The differences in support resources between Chinese students in Japanese language schools and Chinese students attending college:An analysis of support received in terms of conditions, types, and areas
155 ITO Ayako:Construction of the classroom climate inventory short version for elementary school children and its application for consultation
170 MIZUNO Haruhisa, YMAGUCHI Toyokazu, ISHIKUMA Toshinori:An examination of the contact hypothesis of help-seeking preferences toward school counselors:A questionnaires study of Junior high school students

■ Review Article ■

181 FUKUSHIMA Satomi:Literature review of the foster care :Trends in domestic and foreign research on foster care
■ Book Review ■
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