english No.1

●Vol.13 No.1 December 2009●

■Special Article■

1 MIGUCHI Masahiro:Joining in the psycho-social support training workshop at Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon: The back up activities based on collabolation with the local NGO and the mental health professionals (first report)

■Original Article■

21 ISHIMORI Masanori:The support for foreign students by Japanese volunteer teachers:Metropolitan residents’ community consciousness and their participation in community activities in Japan: A social survey in Kyoto city
37 TAKEYAMA Noriko, KASA Makiko:Community psychological support for children of cross-cultural backgrounds: Implications from the interviews of volunteer supporters

■ Review Article ■

51 IKEDA Kotoe:Toward building community psychological collaboration model between researchers and organizations: An review of collaborative work

■ Academic Essay ■

69 TAKABATAKE Katsuko:Community psychological viewpoints on harassment issue:Suggestion from lawyer Iguchi
■ Book Review ■
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