english No.2

●Vol.11 No.2 March 2008●

■Special Article■

■Original Article■
129 UEMURA Katsuhiko: Philosophy of Community Psychology Today: Toward the guiding principles of research and practice
144 TAKEYAMA Noriko, KASAI Makiko: The support for foreign students by Japanese volunteer teachers: Towards the constructing of systematic psycho-sociological support with the Japanese as a second language classroom as the central role

■Case Reports■

162 FUJIKI Minako: The effect of the group-based social re-entry program conducted in a social rehabilitation facility
177 MORIYA Tomomi: The relationship between the Chinese trainees motivation in learning Japanese as a second language and the cognition of training environment: A suggestion for teaching Japanese to foreign trainees in on-the-job-training
194 TAKAHASHI Mie, KOIDE Hiromi: Development of the “Counselors for Children and Parents” activities at an elementary school

■From the Committee■

210 KAGAMI Tomiyo :Questionnaire survey on ethics issue
220 WAKABAYASHI Yoshifumi: Ethical issues characteristic of community psychology
226 KAGAMI Tomiyo: Workshop on ethics issue
■Book Review■
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