english No.1

●Vol.12 No.1 December 2008●

■Special Article■

1 TAJIMA Seiichi:Treating mind by intervening everyday life through three approaches:Exploring inner worlf, networking, generating support systems

■Original Article■

23 NAKAMURA Nanako, HISATA Mitsuru:The support for foreign students by Japanese volunteer teachers:Towards the constructing of systematic psycho-sociological support with the Japanese as a second language classroom as the central role
35 HATA Tomoko Doi, SHIBATA Seiji, KAWATA Manabu, MIWA Yoshiko:Restorativeness of Residence Perceived by Mothers with Young Children

■ Case Reports ■

49 BANDO Michihiko:A case study of the collaboration with representatives of the self-help group for “Hikikomori”:The community psychologist as a member in the representatives’ group con-cerning both being supporter and member

■ Academic Essay ■

65 IKEDA Mitsuru:Visioning a true “International Community Psychology” Reflections on the 2nd International Conference on Community Psychology
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