english No.2

●Vol.10 No.2 March 2007●

■Special Issues■

133 KITAJIMA Sigeki: Community Psychology and Ethical Issues
137 TAKABATAKE Katsuko: The Ethics in Academic Community
145 KANAZAWA Yoshinobu: Professional Ethics in Clinical Psychology
155 WAKABAYASHI Yoshifumi: Ethical Attention in the Activities of Community Psychology - with special reference to support activities for disaster victims -

■Special Article■

162 Kyung Ja Oh: Supporting Adolescents at Risk: Findings from the Youth Companion Program in Korea

■Original Article■

175 YASUDA Yasuko, WAKASUGI Satomi, SAKAKIBARA Kuniki: An analysis of the relationship between university student satisfaction and educational environment factors
186 SETO Kenichi: Research on high school teachers’ cooperation: Focusing on the team support for school non-attendance students
200 OISHI Kouji: A study of researcher’s multiple participation in human care services at some municipalities: Form applied behavior analitic viewpoint

■Case Reports■

213 MEGURO Tatsuya: Community psychological support for school and family of a student with wrist-cutting behavior: On the roles of school counselors

■Academic Essay■

225 HISATA Mitsuru: Salsa, Run, and Passion: Some impressions on first international conference on community psychology
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