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●Vol.11 No.1 December 2007●

■Special Issues■

1 INOUE Takako: Introduction
5 ITO Ayako: School counseling and classroom climate: Implication for needs assessment and program evaluation
14 NOUCHI Rui, INOUE Takako: A new community psychological approach to Japanese school: The role of school counseling through MEASURE perspective
26 KASAI Makiko: Training for evaluating school couselors’skills
35 FUJIKAWA Urara: Evaluation of student couseling system by collaboration between faculty and clinical psychologists
44 KUROSAWA Sachiko: What are the needed evaluation researches in the field of school couseling in Japan?

■Original Article■

56 SHIMOYAMADA Ayumi, YOSHITAKE Kiyomi, UENO Takashi: Research on the process of community empowerment (The 2nd report): Process of the emergent social interaction which involves core members in activities to solve problems in their community
76 SUGIOKA Masanori, KODAMA Ken-ichi: Developing a support network for Brazilian-Japanese students living in Japan
90 KATO Junzo, NONAMI Hiroshi: Encouraging agricultural drainage reducition behavior through group persuasion: Apractical approach to solving local environmental problems
■Book Review■
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