english No.2

●Vol.9 No.2 March 2006●

■Special Issues■

97 INOUE Takayo: Community psychology from the international viewpoint
99 YASUDA Tomoyuki: Theoretical frameworks and intervention practices in prevention research as developed in the United states: A review
116 INOUE Takayo: Community psychology and peace education in Hawaii
123 Paul Ducket, Translated by ITO Takehiko: Globalized violence, community psychology, and the bombing and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq

■Original Articles■

134 SUGAI Hiroyuki: Support for professional development of special education teacher through school consultation: A case study of the support for deafblind education teacher
149 SHIMOYAMADA Ayumi, YOSHITAKE Kiyomi, UENO Takashi: Research on the process of community empowerment
‐ Process of social support-networking in M town, A prefecture ‐

■Short Reports■

164 ISHINO Yoko: Relationship between Mother’s Guilt and social support resources in different ages of their children
178 ISHIMORI Masanori: A case study of community area networks trough participant observations on activities of Ninjin-Net Kyogikai
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