english No.1

●Vol.10 No.1 December 2006●

■Special Article■

1 UCHIDA Nobuko: Some Sociogenetic Determinants in Human Development Revealed by the Longitudinal Study of Severely Deprived Children

■Special Issues■

12 KAGAMI Tomiyo: Children in Crisis and Crisis Intervention in the Global Society
- A Critical Role of Community Psychologist -
16 ASUKAI Nozomu: Psychological Crisis in Traumatized Children
22 HONDA Keiko: A Case Study of Support Services from Japan for Mental Health Counselors during the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks
32 TANAKA Yoshiko: Situation of Palestinan Children and Intervention Programme
36 TAKABATAKE Katsuko: Collaborative Comments to Symposists
40 KAGAMI Tomiyo: Exchange of Views

■Urgent Report■

47 TANAKA Yoshiko: War and Children - A Case Study of Lebanon War 2006 -

■Original Article■

53 TOGO Etsuko: The program development that promotes “Nurturance to the children” of junior high school students

■Review Article■

69 KATO Shoko: A review of psychological consultation an applied to child care workers supporting abused and neglected children

■Case Reports■

86 TAKAO Kenji: Environmental changes with construction of new town and residents interaction: Case study of Kobe City in Hyogo Prefecture
96 SUGAWARA Nobuyasu: Educational interaction between aiming at forming the relation of mutual trust and reducing violent behaviors - A case study of a severely mentally disabled child -


105 OUCHI Junko: Reviews on a workshop “Method of Community Work”

■Condolatory News■

117 SHIOTANI Toru: The Life and Career of Prof. Fujio Tanaka
■Announcement and Information■