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●Vol.8 No.1・2 Combined number March 2005●

Inaugural Address by New President in Japanese Society of community Psychology

1 TAKABATAKE Katsuko: “Collaboration in Community Psychology”

■Original Article■

5 TOGO Etsuko, MIGUCHI Masahiro: Change of the Parenting Support Volunteer Training Program: Focus on Self-Efficacy, and Network


Community Empowerment and Response in Collaboration to Domestic Violence
23 Mary Harvey: Building an Ecological Bridge to Victims of Violence in the Community: Learning from Victims of Violence Program of Cambridge Hospital
36 Oliver Folks: Professional Collaboration on Behalf of Victims; Cases Requiring Clinical and legal Intervention
40 TOMONAGA Yoshiki: Psychological Support for Families and Children Traumatized by Domestic Violence
47 NAKAMURA Tadashi: A Spectrum of Batterer Intervention Program

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