english No.2

●Vol.3 No.2 March 2000●

■Original Articles■

63 YAMAGUCHI Keiko & UEMURA Katsuhiko: Factors Relating Stress Responses among Newly Granduated Nurses Working in Children’s Hospitals
77 KANO Megumi & SASAO Toshiaki: Burnout, Control Coping, and Health Beliefs among Professional Caregivers for the Elderly in Japan: A prevention perspective

■Original Articles■

91 TAKAHASHI Nao: A Proposal of Intervention Measures Based on Applied Behavior Analysisn against Littering Behavior of Individuals: Discussion from a historical viewpoint

■Case Reports■

102 MATSUMOTO Makoto: The Effectiveness and Limitation of Practicing Nonviolence to Resolve Conflicts in a Junior College Community

■Academic Essay■

115 HOSHINO Akira: Intentional Community and Virtual Community.
(Continued from Vol.3, No.1, pp.47-50)
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