english No.2

●Vol.2 No.2 March 1999●

■23rd Community Psychology Symposium■

91 About the symposium: ANDO Nobuo

■Original Articles■

104 ITO Ayako: Development of a classroom climate scale for Japanese schools: Identifying critical aspects of the psycho-social environment for assessment
119 NIWA Ikuo, MIGUCHI Masahiro: Adjustment process of the Japanese returnees and their families from Mainland China: From the viewpoint of three-year follow-up study by factors about effects of use of social supports
131 KAGAMI Tomiyo: Educational intervention to Facilitate intercultural contact between Japanese students and foreign students in a campus community

■Academic Essay■

143 HOSHINO Akira: “Person-in-context”,“Person-in-community”, and “Person-in-culuture”
145 UEMURA Katsuhiko: “Psychological sense of community”, “Community consciousness”, and “Psychological sensitivity for community”

■Book Review■

148 SASAO Toshiaki: Levine, M. & Perkins, D.V. (1997) Principles of Community Psychology (2nd ed.)
152 ◆ Announcements and Information
160 ◆ Membership List