english No.1

●Vol.3 No.1 September 1999●

■Original Articles■

1 TAKABATAKE Katsuko: activities of the Shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence: Reprots on viewpoints from prevention, crisis intervention, and aftercare
12 YAMAZAKI Osamu: A Study of the Supporting Function of Self-help Groups for the Parents with School Refusal Children

■Review Articles■

21 MASUDA Shinya: Recent Status and Issues on Burnout Research: Problem with Maslach Burnony Inventory

■Keynote Speech■

33 ANDO Nobuo: Community Psychological Strategies and Interventions in Establisshing a Protectoral University: The presidential address for the first annual convention of Japanese Society of Community Psychology held in 1999.

■Academic Essay■

44 YAMAMOTO Kazao: “Person-in-context”, “Sense of Community”, and “Empowerment”
47 HOSHINO Akira: International (indignant) Community and Virtual (electoronic) Community
51 HISATA Mitsure: Search for the Root of Community Psychology
56 ◆ Announcements and Information
58 ◆ New Membership List