english No.1

●Vol.2 No.1 September 1998●
■Editorial: ANDO Nobuo

■Original Articles■

Attitude factors influencing participation toward volunteer activities in female students: UEMURA Katsuhiko
A study on the current function of the Women’s Center and the possibility of it’srore: WAKEBE Rika
Effects of time-limited support group intervention on the puality of lifenof post-surgical breast cancer patients: HISATA Misturu, HIROSE Hiroko, AOKI Yukimasa et al.

■Review Articles■

An examination about relationships between Sel-Help Groups and professionals: MISHIMA Ichiro
A review of studies on day care for patients with borderline personality disorders: NIWA Ikuo
Implications in classroom climate research: ITO Ayako, MATSUI Hitoshi
Development of Japan’s community psychology in the latest three decades: A brief history: ANDO Nobuo
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